This year the Oak Park High School Boy's team site is going to be more active than ever before. Last year, this site was completed just around the time that the season ended. However, this year is going to be much better.  After tryouts finnish and the team roster is finalized (mid- late February), this site will be up to date with ALL the results, and weekly updates.

Expect the following:
Results and Scores from every event.
Frequent photos and highlight videos from every game.
Reminders and practice updates for all members of the team

To all returning members of the team and all newcomers to the Oak Park High School tennis program:
PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE. Tennis season is slowly creeping up, and your lack of practice WILL catch up to you.


Updates will come from time to time before the season begins, but since there isn't much news to report on until then, this site will be inactive for the most part. If you are interested in seeing the success of our tennis program, check out our season results on the homepage, or check out the girl's team website. Once the spring season kicks off here at Oak Park, this website will be your #1 site for updates and info, which will come weekly.

Until then, keep on playing!  ;)

-Vincent Tran 
Tennis Team Site Administrator 

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    Now a sophomore at Oak Park High School, Vincent Tran is the Site Administrator for the tennis team, and is also a member of the Boy's Varsity.


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